HISTORY OF THE DRILL PRESS: Since its introduction over two centuries ago, the drill press has become an indispensable asset in production, repair, home and manufacturing shops world wide. Originally developed for metal working, drill presses offered unprecedented convenience to blacksmiths and manufacturers whom frequently bored a variety of holes, some of which were impossible to do by hand. The drill press eventually found its way into wood shops, plants, factories and pattern shops where their precision and stability offered tremendous benefits to their work. Boring holes for traditional spindle legged chairs, tables and benches could be done with absolute precision and repeatability in the fraction of the time. Metal workers, particularly machine shops, foundries and plants found the drill press an asset to almost every application, boring castings for bearings, screw holes, pin holes, even tapping is accomplished quickly and easily without worry of stripping the threads with the proper tapping head. Drill presses of today offer more versatility than ever. Units come equipped with step pulleys, Reeves Drive systems, VFD controllers, inverters, gear heads and many more. Units can be purchased with production style tables with multiple heads, standard cast type tables, woodworkers style tables, and many, many more potions than can be listed.

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