Payment Policy

Payment Methods

Our preferred form of payment is credit cards, but we also accept other methods of payment.

Here's a list of payment methods we'll accept:

  • Major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express*
  • Paypal*
  • Wire transfers
  • U.S. Government Credit and Impac cards
  • Purchase Orders from City, County, State, Federal Government as well as Public Education*
  • Certified Check or Bank Check (in advance)*

*Due to increasing amounts of credit card fraud, all credit card orders are processed using either PayPal's "guest" checkout option, or your personal Paypal account.

*PayPal orders are subject to USA, Canada and UK orders only.

*We do offer Open Accounts to Government Agencies, Municipal and State Agencies, Fortune 500 Companies and most Schools, subject to credit approval. Terms are Net 30 days from receipt of goods. These situations are best handled by contacting us at the beginning of the buying process, and working directly with a Tool Parts Store Customer Service Representative.

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