Meet The Team

Eric Savelle

Eric Savelle is the owner of Tools Plus. He started the tool selling business in 1980 with nothing but $5,000, and a co-signed $20,000 loan. He bought a basement full of merchandise and held liquidation sales at hotels, having no permanent location until he began to rent a small 600 square foot store. From youth, he always loved anything with a motor, but all of his learned knowledge about the industry came from years of listening to his customers' stories, and benefiting from the wisdom and experience that they impart. The philosophy that he built this business with was to always treat customers like he would want to be treated in their place.


Jeanne was born in Brooklyn, NY next door to Jennifer Lopez and raised in Shrub Oak, NY. She moved to CT to be with her husband and has been with Tools Plus since 2003. Her background is in Insurance and has a degree as a Professional Liability Underwriter and Insurance Broker, along with a 4th Degree Black belt. Since joining Tools Plus, she has been a Systems Analyst and quickly became our Vice President due to her skill, dedication and flawless fashion sense. She enjoys her job because of the interaction she has with phone and internet customers, and she works hard to troubleshoot problems and make sure that everyone is satisfied with their ordering experience. Jeanne is a mother of two grown children and Lucy the dog and Buba, Jack and Nelly, their three cats. She is also blessed with a mini-army of grandchildren that have been unanimously voted the cutest of all time.


Struggling to care for a growing family, Johnny came to us from Oxford Connecticut and works as our Operations Manager for our Prospect Distribution Facility. Recently assigned to "light duty", Johnny has resigned himself to "eating for two" and coming up with a name for his new bundle of joy. After his upcoming maternity leave, we expect Johnny to return back to work with the same sharp wit and sense of humor that got him where he is today. Good luck Johnny!!


Kirk is our resident database and IT guru. In addition to maintaining the harmony between the digital customers and Tools Plus, he is also responsible for many of the descriptions, product write-ups and product images on the site and manages to keep our huge database of products tidy and clean. He is a music connoisseur who can operate the forklift like a true champion, and he claims to be the very first New England Patriots fan to ever exist. When not hard at work, Kirk enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 kids while avoiding yard work and excessive outdoor activities.


Brian is one of the most colorful members of the Tools-Plus team. As our Accounts Receivable Manager his duties and responsibilities transcend many facets of our organization and he has certainly become "Brian on the Spot". Brian and his 3 cats live the New England Dream. In Brian's free time he loves to duck pin bowl and work out in the yard.


Debbie comes to Tools-Plus with many years of customer service experience under her belt. The friendly voice on the other end of the phone, Debbie always goes the extra mile to keep the customer happy even at the expense of her own personal needs. Originally hailing from Stamford Connecticut, Debbie currently resides in Naugatuck with her husband. She is the proud mother of 3 sons who have all grown up and moved away. With an empty nest, she now focuses on filling up her pantry with snacks for her grandchildren who love to visit.


Joe is the head of the marketing team. He's responsible for much of the visual stimulation our users experience on the web site. Joe graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Graphics Technology. Besides working, Joe also enjoys playing in his cover band "The Smoove Series" and is a big fan of comic book films. He sings everywhere he goes. However, he struggles to clap on beat and sing at the same time. It's a shame but he's working on it.


After a brief stint as a stand in for Posh Spice during the 2010 Spice Girls reunion tour, Terri decided to hang up her gold microphone and ultimately settle down as a store manager. Terri’s attention to detail and borderline passive aggressive disposition are a big part of the reason our local customers are so happy and store employees are well trained. She is also one of the awesome voices you hear when you have a technical question about a product.


This is Dave. Honestly, we’re still not sure what Dave does here or who hired him. He just kind of showed up one day and started working. To be fair, his productivity is second to none, and he smells like cinnamon and apples. But the fact that he keeps showing up every day and not getting paid makes us wonder.


There's 2 things you need to know about Matt. 1: He knows Kung-Fu, and not that fake movie Kung-Fu, the real deal Kung-Fu where he could like put you in traction with nothing more than his pinkie. 2: He has no shame in admitting his love for 1990's Romantic Comedies. He's seen Pretty Woman 37 times, and according to him Julia Roberts is a "blessing straight from heaven".


Paul is a wholesome fellow. He’s part of the Tools Plus team that ensures that your products arrive just like you ordered them. Paul has often been mistaken for a taller Zac Efron. After being asked if he would sing “Start of Something New” from High School Musical for the 37th time, he decided to grow a beard and live incognito. Away from the public eye, Paul enjoys fishing, bonfires with friends and other outdoor activities.


Brian is our Jim Halpert. After leaving Dunder-Mifflin, Brian decided to join the B2C industry for tools instead of paper. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a place for Pam but she’s doing okay. We ask Jim, I mean Brian all the time about her. Brian has a bachelor’s degree in Music and is a master at Bass. In his free time, he can be seen carrying around his bass guitar bag from location to location. Brian works in our Shipping department is responsible for making sure your product arrives safely to its destination.


Jackie is one of our social butterflies. She’s one of the core members of our team who ensures that your purchase arrives safe and sound to its destination. Jackie has a huge appreciation for modern music and can be seen jamming out to it throughout the workday. When you receive your package just know that has been properly package to the sounds of the Billboard Hot 100. Research shows packages ship better when they have music to listen to.


After playing quarterback for Ohio State, Katie decided to settle back down in her New England nest in Connecticut. With Friday Night Lights behind her, Katie joined the part of the Tools Plus team that handles purchasing and when its 4th quarter, she comes through in a pinch. Katie is fluent in French (lived in France for 5 months and Senegal for 1 month) and enjoys the adrenaline pumping sports like ziplining, rappelling and more. Everyone say, “Bonjour Katie!”


If you’re looking to connect one highly complex device to another highly complex device, Seth is your man. Seth is part of our IT department and oversees many of our hardware related woes. In his spare time, Seth has molded himself into a young Bob Villa and somehow finds himself in the middle of one major DIY project after another.


Kristen or “Kris” for short, is a key component to our fulfillment operations here at Tools Plus. She is commonly referred to as our “weekend warrior” and takes extra care to make sure you receive the product you ordered. Kris is a very personable and is often the life of the party at our annual company events. You should see her bowling score the last time we all went bowling. STRIKE!


Kevoy is one of those voices you hear on the other end when you call in about a product question. Kevoy loves to help people and makes sure that you’re getting the answers that you need to the products we sell. Outside of Tools Plus, Kevoy has an extreme passion for acting. If you’re a Connecticut native, you may have seen Kevoy in a local production.


Change your mind about a product and no longer want it? Meghan has got you covered. Meghan is part of our Tools Plus Returns department. She evaluates and processes returns as they arrive back to us from our customers. In her free time Meghan explores her passion for Photography. She loves taking pictures and capturing that true “essence”. “Essence” is a term that photographers like to throw around a lot. The pictures come out great, so we don’t question it.

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