Wood turning has been practiced for hundreds of years and the basic principles have remained the same. Today's lathes have become more sophisticated than their predecessor and with a properly equipped Jet Lathe; woodworkers are able to turn a rough wooden blank into a finished masterpiece. Some of us, actually center all of our woodworking on the lathe. Wood turning can be the most fascinating and rewarding craft you have ever experienced. The size and type of wood turning you plan to do will determine the type of lathe to consider. If your interests are basically in the area of pens or miniature furniture; a small light weight mini-lathe will be fine. If you are interested in large spindle turnings, table legs or even bed posts, consider one of Jet's Heavy-duty, variable speed wood Lathes. You will begin to appreciate wood as you work with it. When you see the "ribbon candy" shaped shavings flying and smell the unmistakable aroma of freshly carved lumber; you will experience the thrill and pleasure of creative woodturning.

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