Different Styles of Utility Knives

Retractable Utility Knives: These knives either have an auto-retract safety feature or allow you manually retract the blade to prevent workplace accidents. Additional blades on these utility knives are often stored in the handle of the knife and have a quick and easy blade reversal or changing mechanism. Retractable utility knives may have a solid or foldable knife body.

Fixed Blade Utility KnivesUsing the same blade as retractable utility knives, the fixed blade utility knives has a blade that can retract into the knife body once installed. Some applications and users prefer the grasp and force that can be used with a fixed blade design.

Breakaway Utility Knives: These knives feature a long blade in them that are scored to allow you to breakaway the tip of the blade once that tip dulls. Some breakaway utility knives can be refilled with a new blade once the previous blade has been used up while others are simply disposable breakaway utility knives. Breakaway utility knives feature a solid knife body.

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