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Comfort is key with Badger Tool Belts

Badger Tool Belts feature foam padding that offers superior user comfort. The creator of these belts sourced this foam in person. They drove up to Detroit and toured the family-owned and operated factory where it's made and sliced to use when constructing the ideal tool belt. This comfort foam provides spring-like cushioning around the hips, unmatched durability and is microcellular. This means you can barely see the air bubbles with the naked eye. The benefit of this is that the foam retains its properties much longer than inferior foams used in many of the competitor belts on the market today. If you look at a side section of the Badger Belt foam and that of many competitors you can see this demonstrated. The air pockets are clearly visible on the foam of many competitors. Badger also uses 3/8 in. thick foam while many competitors use 1/4 in. thick foam instead.

Setting the Standard for Tool Belts and Bags

Occidental Leather (the manufacturer of Badger belts) is a pride driven shop. They take pride in every belt or tool bag they send out. They want that pride to extend to you. When you pay good money for something so important to your job, you should expect it to make a difference in your daily comfort and productivity. Occidental Leather expects that too. That is their goal, to make your day more productive and more comfortable. When Occidental Leather acquired Badger Tool Belts in 2021, they retained the long-standing business relationships with component manufacturers who have continued to source the materials that make these superior belts. All of this with the goal to always deliver you the best product. Tools Plus offers a wide selection of Occidental Leather and Badger Tool Belts at low prices.

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