Tool-Rank – A Second Opinion For Tool Reviews

We’ve been finding so many great communities since we’ve started blogging.  So every once in awhile, we want to take some time to recognize what we’ve been reading.

Savvy tool shoppers – and I know you’re savvy because you’re reading our blog – should check out the community at  The site has reliable, crowdsourced tool reviews, an active forum community, and regular contests (just like we have our weekly Where’s Lucy? contest).  Blogger Chris Rodenius has a great knack for finding great tools (and some downright odd ones, like an 87-tool Swiss Army knife).

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  1. After trying to make a decision as to whether to buy a new table saw or upgrade my old Craftsman saw I decided to try the Delta T2 36-T30 rip fence. Upon calling Tool Plus they checked and told me that it was out of stock but would call Delta to see if they could drop ship it to me. Soon I got a call back and was told they could ship immediately. Well this was late in the week before Labor day so I thought it would be delayed a long time. I received the fence in just a week after ordering even with the holiday. After unpacking and arranging I thought wow this is going to be easy to install. All I had to do was drill 4 holes in the table saw after a few measurements. I had the fence up and running in barely an hour. If anyone wants to upgrade a fence on a Craftsman table saw I without spending a fortune on a Biesmeyer I would never hesitate to recommend the T2 fence and rail system and most importantly Tools-Plus as the best supplier and best price.

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