Tips for Choosing the Right Jig Saw

DeWalt Heavy-Duty Variable Speed Top-Handle Jig Saw
DeWalt Heavy-Duty Variable Speed Top-Handle Jig Saw

Jig saws are incredibly useful and versatile tools. Able to tackle many of the same projects as a band saw and a scroll saw, the jig saw is a compact, portable tool that really delivers when you need the cutting power and precision to complete your next project. When shopping for the right jig saw, it’s important to remember that this tool has to be able to serve you wherever and whenever you need it to. Here are a few tips from on how to choose the right jig saw.

First, take a look at where you plan on using your jig saw. What kind of power sources will you have access to? Will you be able to use extension cords? Will you be taking it on the job with you? Once you’ve taken a look at your power options, then you can choose between a cordless or a corded option. Cordless is great for areas where extension cords can be difficult to come by, but keep in mind that they don’t have as much power behind them in terms of performance. Cordless models are best suited for cutting through wood while corded models pack more power and can saw through wood, thick boards, light metals and other tough materials. Keep a corded model on hand if you plan on tackling tough projects or want to use it continuously.

Next take a look at the features. Do you need variable speed? Orbital action? How about the convenience of tool free blade changing? Give a glance at the features that each jig saw offers and then make a decision based upon what features you’ll actually use and can help to improve the quality of your work. Don’t just invest in a jig saw that has a ton of features that you’ll never have to use.

Finally, give your blades some consideration. Most jig saws offer a variety of blades for different applications. If you plan on doing a lot of wood cutting and maybe even perhaps light metal, then a high speed steel or bi-metal blade may be the best choice. If you’re looking for something a bit more long lasting and versatile, try a cobalt steel blade that offers power for both wood and metal applications. Looking to cut masonry board? A carbide grip blade may be the best option. Or, if you’re looking to do more fine detail work, a scrolling blade can be just the thing you need to make narrow, intricate cuts.

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