Spotlight On Hitachi Power Tools

In 1980, Hitachi Power Tools U.S.A. was created to market lines of tools in the United States as the result of the success of the Hitachi Koki Company throughout international markets. During the 1980’s the company built its reputation for quality on the success of its pneumatic framing nailer and sliding compound miter saws. Since that time, Hitachi Power Tools have

become a staple in workshops and tool boxes around the world.

According to the official company website, Hitachi has always been committed to innovating current tool technology to deliver a better, more efficient experience for the user. Such dedication to product development has led to a number of firsts and countless improvements in power tool technology. Hitachi has pioneered many tools including:

-Compound Miter Saws
-Cordless Impact Drivers
-Cordless Screwdrivers
-Metal Stud Cutters

In addition, Hitachi is a world leader in metal casting, metallurgical science and plastics technology. This expertise, coupled with Hitachi Koki’s High Speed Motor Technology, Precision Processing and Electronic Control, allow Hitachi to produce lighter, faster, and more durable power tools for the professional. is a proud carrier of Hitachi Power Tools designed to simplify your next project. Browse through our selection and find out why Hitachi is a name synonymous with quality, long lasting tools that make any job a breeze.


  1. If you buy any tools from Tools-Plus and have an issue with the manufacturer don’t hesitate to contact us, we will help you in any way we can.

  2. I sent in my husbands corless drill for repairs over a year ago. The drill was under a year old and the 5-year warranty played a hugh factor for this purchase. After waiting several months and sending numerous e-mails inquiring about the repairs or when I would receive it back, I called the hitachi repair line and was told there was nothing they could help me with. I offered to fax confirmation of mailing to them and was again told I was out of luck. The service department was very rude and told me to stop all e-mails and calls. I am out a $200.00 drill. Hitachi tools are great tools. It’s the service and repair department thats a RIP OFF.

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