Majestic 2152 Winter Work Gloves – Maximize the Warmth in the Cold Weather

Full view of the Majestic 2152TW

Winter is here! If you live in the US, most of you have experienced at least one cold winter’s chill in the early AM or late at night. For others, you’ve already been hammered with a ton of snow. So it wouldn’t be too farfetched to assume that your winter gloves have probably seen at least one wear since the start of the winter season, right?

My question is have you ever really assessed the effectiveness of your gloves? There are tons of gloves out there and each serves it purpose but all gloves aren’t created equally. If you need gloves that are functional, breathable and winter resistant consider winter gloves from Majestic Gloves.

You may or may not have heard of Majestic Gloves but they have an extensive line of work gloves. In fact their current product catalog has over 100 styles of gloves. We currently carry just a few of these styles but one style of glove that I’ve personally enjoyed using is the Majestic 2152TW Bald Eagle Work Gloves.

Full view of the Majestic 2152TWThe Majestic 2152TW Bald Eagle Work Gloves are designed with a premium pigskin palm, a blue stretch knit back and a neoprene knuckle area. For those of you not familiar with neoprene, it’s a synthetic rubber material that is very flexible which is perfect for hand movement in many work applications.

The neoprene knuckle area allows for comfortable hand bending with the Majestic 2152TW

The gloves also feature Velcro wrist closure. Personally I like Velcro wrists closure because it allows me to tighten the gloves around whatever style of jacket I’m wearing at the time or around my bare wrist.

When you look at them you will probably say that they look a lot like Mechanic’s gloves and they are often advertised this way. However that strongly hides the fact that these are much more of a universal winter work glove than one might think.

Mechanic gloves by nature are often formfitting, durable and almost always flexible. They allow you properly utilize your fingers in the gloves when work on your vehicle. Winter gloves at your typical department store are bulky, stiff and not very functional at all. They typically feature an elastic wrist (that can wear out) and allow snow to easily fall into your glove.

Have you ever had trouble with gripping the handle of snow shovel or the handle of your snow blower? The Majestic 2152TW gives the flexibility to do so with minimal resistance, resistance that you might have with your typical winter glove. The gloves are also designed “pre-curved” to have a more natural fit to the contours of the human hand.

The MOST important feature of these gloves that really brings it home was the fact that they are both waterproof and windproof. These gloves utilize 3M Thinsulate Insulation. The unique microfibers of Thinsulate work by trapping air molecules between your hand and the stinging cold outside air. This allows the glove to be breathable and moisture-resistant. It also allows the glove to be thinner because it can trap more air molecules in less space. The gloves are also lined with a waterproof membrane to keep out the wetness.

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