The Wood Whisperer Has Our Vote!

Power tools aren’t just our business, they’re our livelihood! We’re the quintessential weekend-project masters, and enjoy do-it-yourself wood working projects. From crafting wooden benches to chests, we love to stand back and admire the completed job. That’s where our good friends at The Wood Whisperer come in. The always helpful woodworking blog touts itself as “Education and Entertainment For The Modern Woodworker”, and we couldn’t agree more!

The Wood Whisperer often highlights reader questions and expertly answers the question right on the blog! Check out “A2 vs O1 Tool Steel – Viewer Question” – a great question and excellent answer we can all benefit from.

Whether you’re an expert woodworker or a master of the trade, The Wood Whisperer is a very resourceful blog for all to read. Be sure to check out their product reviews, videos, reader projects, and more!

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