Blogs We Like: The Drummond Home Restovation

The Drummond-Revere Home “Restovation” blog is the brainchild of Jerad Foster, a “third generation home builder” and furniture designer in the Kansas City area.

The home takes its name from its architect – Don Drummond.  No, not the trombone player, although he’s pretty cool, too.  Drummond was one of the pioneers of modern home architecture in the American midwest.

Not just a regular remodel, the Drummond-Revere home is also a historical renovation, which adds its own layers of complexity and complication to the already unpredictable business of doing a renovation.

In addition to updates on the house, Jerad also shares tidbits from his personal life (like his search for a classic Eames lounger) and his business.

Jerad’s blog is an engaging read and showcases a really awesome modern home.  It’s definitely worth a look.

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