Blogs We Like: A Constructed Life

“Remodel an Entire House. Stay Sane. Remember To Have A Life.”

If you’ve ever done an extensive home renovation, you know that’s a tough checklist to maintain.  That’s the balancing act that Liz, the blog mastermind behind A Constructed Life, manages to pull off (mostly) gracefully in the pages of her website.  And she also has a pregnancy (recently supplanted by baby girl Addy) to add into the mix as well.

Liz and her husband Joey have been remodeling each room of their house and writing about the results.  From an extensive kitchen reno to the construction of a porch attached to their second-story master bedroom, they break each part of it down in detail.  With all of the home renovation shows out there scrambling to show you rooms or houses completely transformed over just a few days, it’s refreshing to see the shape and timeline of a real home remodel, down to the vital decision to call in a contractor when you realize you can’t do it 100% right on your own (one of the most difficult renovating skills to master).  Full of great before and after photos, A Constructed Life is definitely a site to check out if you’re planning any remodeling in your future.

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