Perform Routine Maintenance On Your Power Tools

Whenever you invest in a heavy piece of equipment or even a small hand tool, it is recommended for safety and quality purposes that you perform routine maintenance before and after every use. Not only will this keep your equipment clean and in working condition, but it will also keep you safe. Here are a few maintenance tips that you should use to ensure your equipment is up to par:

1 – Check for dull, broken or bent blades on your different saws. Starting a job with a less than perfect blade may not produce the results you intended for, which can botch a whole job and cost you lots more time and money in the long run. Blades that are not in the right condition can also lead to injury if they break while using your saw or if you force a dull blade. Make sure you are routinely changing/sharpening blades to stay safe.

2 – Clean any dust away from all of your machines. It is inevitable working in a wood shop that you will have wood dust on all of your equipment. When using your machines, make sure all wood dust is cleared off the piece of equipment that you are working with. This prevents any kick back of dust when you power up the machine, which can potentially damage your eyes. This will also make sure that your equipment does not get clogged up with dust, which can cause it to malfunction. A dust collector is recommended on all of your heavy equipment to keep the dust out of the air and your machines.

3 – Oil your tools as much as possible. Check to see if all moving parts are working correctly and in good order. Once you are done cleaning out all the dust and debris, put a few drops of oil in all the gears and moving parts. Some equipment has specific parts that need consistent lubrication to keep it running well.

4 – Examine power cords and check batteries to make sure nothing is leaking or damaged before using.

By performing these simple tips you will be kept safer and your equipment will last longer. Trust us – we’re the tool experts.

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