Getting Rid of Old Power Tool Batteries?

DeWalt DC9071 XRP Battery Pack
DeWalt DC9071 XRP Battery Pack

If you’ve gone through your tools and found that you need to dispose of a few old rechargeable tool batteries, think before you toss. Because many batteries from cordless power tools contain heavy metals, most trash haulers won’t accept them. Instead of risking damage to the environment and a very frustrated trash collector, here are a few simple steps to getting rid of your power tool batteries properly.

First, locate a drop off site for your batteries by contacting Call2Recycle, a national collection program that works with retail stores like Target and Home Depot to dispose of batteries properly. You can visit their site at or give them a ring at 800-8-Battery. Once you’ve figured out the right drop off site, give the business a call to find out where exactly to take your batteries and to see if there are any specific instructions. This will save you time from waiting in line at the info desk and can help you make the drop off even easier.

If you don’t have a nearby Call2Recyle approved site and need to get rid of your old power tool batteries safely, feel free to contact your local department of sanitation. They may be able to point you to a program they work with or a collection spot that can accept rechargeable batteries.

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