Spring Cleaning Your Tool Box

Springtime is here – shouldn’t your workshop be ready for the season?

Because of the nicer weather that springtime brings, many contractors, do-it-yourselfers, and hobbyists choose spring as the perfect season for starting a new project. If you’re planning on starting up something new, or even finishing up a project you’ve already started, it’s important to consider the tools you’re using to get the job done. If they’re worn out from many winters -or in many cases, just plain old – you may want to consider giving your tool box (or work bench) a spring cleaning.

Spring cleanings aren’t just about getting your work areas organized; they’re also about getting your workshop safe. Organized work spaces, up to date tools, and a cleaner area for doing your projects are all vital elements to keep yourself safe and functional. Just remember, if your shop is looking old, rusty, and a little bit unstable, chances are that it’s just the right time to give it a good spring cleaning.

Clear out the dust, dirt and grime from your tools and work areas. Sweep the floors and reorganize to maximize your space. Go through all of your tools and materials and to check on their conditions. If there’s rust, toss it or recycle it properly. Have a broken power tool? Replace it with a new one from Tools-Plus.com. Been storing paint for several years? It’s probably time to toss it. Remember, you have to make smart choices about what you keep in your shop, especially during the busy season of spring.

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