What Tools Do You Really Need?

Unless you’re a craftsman or a do-it-yourselfer, having a garage filled with tools just isn’t practical. Besides being a costly After all, most people tend to use tools for little fix-it projects. So what are the essentials every home should have?

First off, if you’re a new homeowner or are just looking to start out on your own, consider the types of uses you’ll need tools for. Do you have electronics? Do you plan on hanging artwork in the new place? Do you have tools needed to repair or even access certain parts of your home? If you have special needs, outfit them before you try to improvise and possibly, cause yourself even more hassle.

Next, outfit your home with these manual tool essentials:

  1. Screwdrivers (Phillips & flat head)
  2. Hammer
  3. Pliers
  4. Wrench
  5. Hand saw
  6. Utility knife
  7. Pry bar
  8. Tape measure
  9. Needle nose pliers
  10. Ratchet and socket set
  11. Stud finder
  12. Putty knife

Finally, every home should have a Cordless Drill for all of those little projects that don’t include pre-drilled holes, like furniture, walls, floors, and other minor repairs. Include a few bits and screwdriver heads and you’ve got a tool that’s sure to make any project easier.

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  1. Re: 1. Screwdrivers. Maybe a multi driver like Klein’s 10 in 1 might be more appropriate.
    4. wrench, I assume an adjustable.

    How about a level. A torpedo level could come in handy in many ways.
    An awl is a simple tool I find myself using often.
    Flashlights come in handy too.
    Vice grips are also an indispensable tool. I think I would want a pair even before I had pliers.
    10 inch channel locks can be used for a lot of simple plumbing repairs.

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