Reasons to Buy a Generac Gas Pressure Washer

Cleaning Decks with Generac Gas Pressure Washers

Everyone should own a gas pressure washer.

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you have spent 15 years paying a mortgage, you need to have gas pressure washer (or power washer). You as a homeowners tend to forget the filth that your car, home, outdoor equipment and stone walkways accumulate during the year.

It’s not your fault.

We see our house every day. We don’t realize that film of dirt covering it. The process is gradual and our eyes adjust to it gradually.

It’s like seeing your kids every day. You don’t realize how much they’ve grown. However that great aunt from Florida that you see once a year at the family picnic is “Like wow they’ve gotten big”.

Ever rent a steam cleaner to clean those rugs in your living room that you had so long you couldn’t remember the exact color?

Cleaning Decks with Generac Gas Pressure WashersYou ran that steam cleaner over the rug and just like magic, the carpet looked factory new.

It wasn’t gradually cleaned. It was cleaned instantly. You became that great aunt from Florida looking at your kids. You realized the difference immediately. It was a quick before and after.

Gas pressure washers peel away dirt, mold and grime from various surfaces to show their true colors. They’ve give you an instant change.

But not all gas pressure washers are equal. You need a Generac gas pressure washer.

So why should you buy Generac?

  1. Generac pressure washers are USA engineered and built
  1. Generac OHV engine: Generac makes their engines. Each engine comes standard with a low-oil shutdown that competitor engines don’t offer. Not to mention that many competitor pressure washers don’t make their own engines.
  1. Checkout the Generac pressure washer reviews out on Google – Their current line of cold water gas pressure washers are receiving an average of 4 out of 5 stars.
  1. Generac customer service is US based customer service
  1. Generac has a full line of residential gas pressure washers that range from 2000 PSI to 3100 PSI. This includes the popular:
    1. Generac 6923 3100 PSI Pressure Washer (that replaces the Generac 6598)
    2. Generac 6602 4-in-1 OneWash Pressure Washer with Variable-pressure Technology

So you like the reasons why Generac is good pressure washer choice. Great!

Then you might say to yourself.

“I’ll just rent one”

Renting a gas pressure washer for 24 hours could cost you anywhere from $70-$100 from a big box home improvement store.

Let’s say you decide to spend a 3 days after work power washing the grime off your vinyl siding, stone walkways, fence and lawn equipment. That’s a total of $210-$300.

At that price you can purchase a brand new gas pressure washer (for under $300) that you will own for many years. I’d like to say it’s well worth the investment.

Want to start taking care of your home, outdoor equipment, fence or stone walkways?

Shop now for a Generac Pressure Washer at Tools Plus.

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