Worx WG303 16″ Chainsaw Comes to the Rescue

Large, unwanted tree limbs splayed across front yards and streets, taking power lines down to their grave with them. This grim scene was repeated over and over across all of Connecticut and the whole New England area. Our own Tools Plus Warehouse Operations Supervisor, Johnny, was among the over 800,000 homes and businesses left without power after Winter Storm Alfred dumped 8-12″ of snow. He couldn’t even get out of his driveway, due to all the fallen branches and tree limbs! One can only imagine the stream of obscenities that filled the air when he first saw this:

Luckily, Johnny had a Worx WG303 16″ Corded Electric Chainsaw. After he unsheathed the saw from its (included) scabbard (which keeps the chain clean and dry), he went to work.

For a guy like Johnny, the WG303 is just what the doctor ordered. The chain automatically re-tensions and it won’t ever kick back.  “To get started, it’s oil and go. From taking it out of the box to using it, it’s a matter of minutes.” He raved about how well the 16″ chainsaw worked. Despite weighing just 11 lbs, “it has surprising power, and can handle…I cut 10 inch limbs man.”

“I thought I would use this for cleanup work…but it was strong enough to do the whole job.” While using the phrase “cuts like a hot knife through butter” has turned into a cliche due to overuse, that describes to a T the ease of operation Johnny had with the Worx WG303 16″ Chainsaw.

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