Voltage Tester : Milwaukee 2201-20 Voltage Detector

A Voltage Tester is the simplest of tools. Basically telling you whether there is current flowing through a wire while the power is turned on. So you might ask yourself, how can it be improved upon? The Milwaukee 2201-20 Voltage Detector features industry leading non-contact voltage detection technology, and is a versatile tool with uses in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. With its extra bright Work Light and the ability to detect from 90 to 600 volts, this is a handy tool to have in any tool bag not just an electrician’s.  This awesome tool has been nominated as a “Cool Tool”  by Tools Plus along with other innovative Tools by Milwaukee.  Voltage Testers have been around for a long time, but this detection device only has to be held  in front of the wire or receptacle. No longer do you have to bother with leads or plug-in devices.  The 2201-20 is designed so that it easily adds on to the Milwaukee 2217-20 Digital Mulimeter and also the Milwaukee 2266-20 Laser Temp-Gun adding extra functionality to those tools. The Milwaukee 2201-20 runs on a single AAA battery.

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