SnoBrum: The Perfect Snow Removal Tool For Your Car

Do you own a SnoBrum? If the answer is no, have you ever heard of a SnoBrum? Car dealerships have been using them for years. Try to imagine the face you make when thinking of having to clean your car off. It’s probably the same face you make when you eat a lemon. Nobody likes to clean their car off.

It’s cold. Your snow brush you bought at the gas station doesn’t reach across your car. Even with a brush the snow still manages to sneak under your gloves or in your jacket sleeve because you have to bury your arm into 12 inches of snow or more to get your brush to the bottom. It’s terrible.

You might say “well I use a shop broom or my house broom” to clean my car off. Well that’s great and all, but have you cared to look at the damage that does to your car. The bristles put tiny little scratches all over it. You might as well let someone get on your hood and key your car.

SnoBrum The Snow Removal Tool
The Original SnoBrum

The SnoBrum offers the solution to all of the above. The SnoBrum is designed to provide easy snow removal without damaging your car. This snow pushing, non-scratching, portable, light weight snow removal tool is indispensable to anyone who faces snow at some point during the year.

Can’t reach across your car with the standard snow brush? No worries. The SnoBrum snow removal tool has an aluminum telescoping handle with special cold resistant nylon threads and can extend from 27” to 46”.

So you’re thinking “Oh, it just has a Styrofoam head on the end of the handle”. Not the case. The head is made of high grade, durable foam and cross linked polyethelene. This type of material and construction prevents scratches or scuffs to delicate surfaces like: cars, trucks, trailers, awnings, spa covers and more. Not to mention the head is 16-3/4” wide x 6” high.

Almost every employee at our company Tools Plus owns one of these. In fact, I own both a SnoBrum and a SnoPro. The SnoPro is very similar to the SnoBrum snow removal tool but it has a solid fixed handle and a higher quality head. The SnoPro is approved for use on Class A finishes and is ideal for commercial use.


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