Powermatic 3520B Lathe Review and Feedback

They say, “If you build it, they will come“. Tools Plus says “If you price a Powermatic 3520B Lathe within the reach of many, they will come, buy and start turning.” That is exactly what happened when Powermatic teamed up with Tools Plus and others to offer a 15% sale off, an already low price, over Black Friday Weekend 2009.  Don’t be upset if you missed that sale, we still offer one of the lowest prices on the web for Powermatic and Jet products. 

Feedback on the Powermatic Model 3520B Lathe has been unanimously positive and well worth the investment.  If you would like us to post your woodturning artistic creations, just respond to this blog!

Powermatic 3520B Lathe
Powermatic 3520B Lathe

The Powermatic 3520B wood turning lathe represents the finest of quality in lathe construction. Much like lathes of the past, the 3520B is constructed entirely of cast iron. The thick cast iron legs are designed to provide the utmost stability, with a design that has been traditional in lathes for centuries, and also includes provisions for the operator to install a shelf along the bottom span of the legs. The bed is of the highest caliber construction, being a heavy ribbed solid one piece casting, with precision ground ways designed to be the flattest one you can own. Onboard storage is provided beside the headstock for convenient storage of wrenches, knockout bars and other accessories. The headstock, much like the rest of the lathe, is also a solid forged casting, precision machined to hold the spindle and power transmission assembly with absolutely no run out or vibration. The tailstock also features the same excellent construction with built in storage for centers and small parts. A most unusual feature on the 3520B is the built in pattern holder. Two stationary centers hold the piece you wish to copy above ad behind the work piece, allowing you to easily and quickly compare measurements, without having to walk away or turn off the lathe. The 3250B features an up front controller and mushroom style push button switch for convenience and safety in powering down the lathe. The lathe is powered by a 2HP 220 volt TEFC three phase induction motor, with a VFD controller, allowing it to operate from either single phase or three phase power. The VFD gives you the ability not only to run on either phase service, with the benefit of the greater power consistency, starting power, and more rugged construction of three phase motors.

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