Porter-Cable 7424XP & 7424 Counter Weight FAQ

What / Where is the Counter Weight on my Porter-Cable Polisher?

The Counter Weight is the small half circle ingot of metal that can be found attached to the shaft of your polisher when you remove the polishing or backing pad.
What is the Counter Weight for?

When your Porter-Cable 7424XP or 7424 Random Orbit Polisher is on the motion of the pad applies force to the tool that would make it wobble. The Counter Weight balances out this wobble ensuring smoother operation of your tool and better results.
Why would I need more than one Counter Weight?

The differences in weight between pads that you can use with the Porter-Cable 7424XP & 7424 Random Orbit Polishers make it so that to keep optimum balance various counter weights are needed for the various pad sizes.

What Counter Weights are there for my Porter-Cable Polisher?

There are two Counter Weights for the 7424XP and 7424 Polishers.

The 5″ Pad Counter Weight, part #874011 comes with your polisher and is made to be used with pads that weigh between 95 and 105 grams.
The 6″ Pad Counter Weight, part #699933 is made to be used with pads that weigh between 125 and 135 grams.
Why does my polisher which comes with a 6″ pad have a weight made for 5″ pads?

The Porter Cable 54745 6″ Polishing Pad which comes with your polisher is light enough that even though it is a 6″ pad the 5″ Pad Counter Weight is enough to balance it out.
How do I change Counter Weights?

First remove the pad you have on your Polisher. Then using either a flat head screwdriver or a T15 Torx key or bit remove both of the screws holding the Counter Weight in place (make sure to not loose the screws). The Counter Weight should now come off of your polisher and then you will screw the new weight in to place.
Can I use a 699933 6″ Pad Counter Weight with the Porter Cable 54745 6″ Polishing Pad?

If you have the 6″ Pad Counter Weight on your polisher it will work with the Porter-Cable 54745 6″ Polishing Pad.

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