Porter Cable 7424 VS. 7424XP Polisher / Buffer

OK, you have been a fan of the Porter Cable 7424 Polisher for years and now you find out it has been replaced with the Porter Cable 7424xp – What should you do? Well, if you still love the feel and design of the Original Tried and True Porter Cable 7424, you better get one quick, because once they are gone, they are gone. The new XP Model does have more Amps 4.5 vs. 4.0 and goes up to 6,800 RPM’s versus 6,000 RPM’s on the older model, however, you might be surprised at the differences in the body design. The length of the actual body of the 7424XP polisher unit itself, is 1″ longer than the original (11″ vs. 10″). The new Polisher is also slightly heavier than the original 7424. Also, the air vents, variable speed dial, and screw holes are located on the handle or body of the XP model where your hand may be while operating the unit. In contrast, the original 7424 air vent, variable speed dial and screw are located at the base of the unit and your hand does not touch any controls while operating the unit.

Both of these random orbital action (also called dual action) polishers are ideal for use as a boat polisher or a car polisher due to their ease of use and because they will not burn your paint as can happen with a rotary polisher.

So if you want to get the last of a classic now is the time to order a Porter Cable 7424 Polisher.

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