New Milwaukee 2290-21 Cordless Detection Tool

Remodeling is making a huge upswing. Remodeling differs from straight construction in that you don’t always know where or what wires or other structural elements are hidden behind walls or under concrete. The new Milwaukee 2290-21 Cordless Sub-Scanner solves this problem. This is the perfect tool for when you need to know what is behind a wall or buried in concrete. With its heavy duty pistol grip and durable rubber over molding this is a professional grade tool made to be used on the jobsite under the roughest of conditions. This tool has the power and versatility that you have come to expect from all of the tools in Milwaukee’s M12 Platform. The Milwaukee 2290-21 Sub-Scanner rolls smoothly on its four wheels detecting rebar up to 6″ deep in concrete as well as telling you the depth of materials beneath gypsum, ceramic tile and marble. This tool can detect the location of wood, PEX, PVC, and metal as well as being able to differentiate between steel (ferrous) and copper or aluminum (Non-Ferrous) metals. The easy to read screen will show you both where the center of a stud is as well as showing you the edges. Voltage detection is also included with this tool so you will know when there are live wires below where you are working.

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