Milwaukee M12 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander: Cordless, Compact and Fast

The auto-detailing industry is a big market with a lot of manufacturers invested into it. So it’s hard to find a product that stands out from the competition when everyone else is making something similar. We as company dedicated a portion of our own e-commerce store to auto-detailing. We carry one of the most popular professional electric car polishers on the market. We also carry a brand of polishing pads that have received a lot of customer praise since we first brought them in. However, just a couple months ago we were introduced to a new product from Milwaukee Tools that was much different than I’m used to seeing.

Milwaukee 2438-22 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander with wool pad attachment for polishing

They showed us the Milwaukee 2438-20 M12 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander. This is the most compact cordless variable speed polisher made by a professional power tool brand. The polisher is powered by the same M12 lithium-ion battery system that you would use on the jobsite with corresponding Milwaukee tools.

Selector Switch from Polisher to Sander on Milwaukee 2438-20
Picture - A view of the mode selector on the Milwaukee 2438-20 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander

Milwaukee has made a dual purpose out of this tool too, allowing you to either polish or sand at the switch of button (see picture 1). How fast it revolves is all dependent on the pressure you put on the variable speed trigger. When sanding, you have an RPM range of 0-8,300 RPM. When you’re polishing, you have an RPM of 0-2,800 RPM. Need to quickly change applications? The Milwaukee 2438-20 has a tool-free accessory change to speed up the time you might have spent with some type of wrench or fastening tool.

For those of you looking to replace your big corded polisher, this is meant for that. This M12 Polisher/Sander is designed to complement a normal full size product in small areas of your vehicle (or spot polishing). The Milwaukee M12 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander can be purchased in 3 different ways (all of which include a 5-pc accessory pack).

1. Milwaukee 2438-20 (bare tool version): This option is ideal of someone who may already have other Milwaukee M12 tools and batteries to use with it. It comes with the 5 pc accessory pack, a side handle and a carrying case.

2. Milwaukee 2438-22: This option is a full kit and provides you with everything you need to start polishing. It comes with the same 5 pc accessory pack, a side handle, carrying case but also includes TWO M12 Red Lithium batteries.

3. Milwaukee 2438-22X: This is option much like the 2438-22 is a full kit too. The only difference between the two kits is that this one includes: one REDLITHIUM XC High Capacity battery and one regular REDLITHIUM battery.


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