Maintaining Your Yard Has a Big Payoff

Maintaining Your Yard Has a Big Payoff

You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock. You hit the off button as you roll slowly out of bed. Across the room on the wall you look at your Tools Plus calendar (just kidding) and you realize that it’s almost Memorial Day. A stinging realization hits you like a falling wasp’s nest onto your face. You open up your sun blocking bedroom curtains, and you peer outside into the morning light. What do you see?

Your once luscious lawn is now 3 feet high with overgrowth and much of it has faded to a not so flattering brown. You have two children who usually wake you up every morning, but you don’t hear them. You can only conclude that they are lost somewhere in your newly cultivated corn field. In the distance, your wife constructed a scarecrow to ward off crows and other birds that would otherwise colorfully decorate your heavy duty pickup truck. Next to the window are these gnarled masses of vegetation that you once called hedges, and it’s at this point that you wish today was Halloween instead.

Okay, so maybe your yard has never been this bad but you get the point. With Memorial Day marking the first holiday of the summer season, this means you might have family and friends over for some burgers and hot dogs. If you haven’t started yet, now is the perfect time to take care of the lawn you neglected during the late winter-early spring season. Why is maintenance of your yard or lawn so important? For several reasons of course, other than it’s therapeutic (I’m serious, ask anybody).

Increased Home Value

On a monetary scale, maintaining your yard can increase your home’s value by up to 15 percent. This may answer some questions of why so many people do everything in their power to create a beautiful yard and garden. Maintaining your lawn is also one of the cheapest ways of doing so too. Once you buy the equipment and supplies, it’s much easier from then on out each year.

Maintaining lawn also lowers the cost of air conditioning bills. Why? Because the moisture evaporates from grass leaves and helps keep air temperatures cooler, which greatly differs from the heat that is generated from paved surfaces. Another benefit of maintaining your lawn is that it improves water quality. Thick sod that’s produced by grass helps water soak into the ground. This greatly reduces water runoff that carries soil or other contaminants into waterways.

I know all about runoff too, when I was younger my family used to live in a hilly area where we had trouble getting grass to grow. When we had heavy rains, the runoff would cause the drains to clog up with soil from our yard and unpaved driveway. Houses that were further down the hill would end up with more soil in their lawns than they planned for. It’s not pretty, but it’s a reality.

So with all this information, where do you start? I’d look for high quality lawn and maintenance equipment with a great product life. I tend to go with Worx. Worx is a company that focuses primarily on yard maintenance.

Worx WG500 TriVac

Worx has the wonderful WG500 TriVac. It’s a blower, mulcher, and vacuum all in one design. The TriVac has an instant one-switch blower to vacuum conversion, and is single handed for easy use. At 8.3 pounds, I’ve noticed that the Worx TriVac weighs even less than a gallon of milk. This baby hits an airspeed over 210 mph, and is equipped with a 12 amp motor. The WG500 TriVac is able to produce enough suction to vacuum 14 gallons of dry leaves in less than a minute.

Keep reading the Tool Talker Blog, I’ll being posting more suggestions on what to use on your yard as well as tips on maintaining too.

Written By Joseph Scovill


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