Get a FREE Milwaukee M18 4.0 XC Battery with XC Kit Purchase!

Not all cordless tools are created equally. How does your current cordless set hold up to daily abuse? How long does your battery last before you have to pop them on the charger? Are you getting the torque you deserve out of your hammer drills and impact drivers?

These are all valid questions that you need to consider. You might not be getting the full potential out of the time spent on the job. Milwaukee Power Tools knows that great work last longer. If you use better quality tools you will get better output. Sometimes competitor brands just can’t deliver the power your need to cut through that pipe, to drive that screw or bore that hole.

From now until July 31, 2014, we are offering a FREE M18 4.0Ah XC battery when you purchase qualifying Milwaukee M18 XC kits. This gives you the chance to save on a brand of tools that is known for being “Nothing But Heavy Duty”! View our website to see the eligible M18 XC kits from Milwaukee.

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