Generac Generators Help You Survive a Winter Power Outage

The storm season is here. The “winter storm” season that is. It’s important to remember how dangerous ice and snow really is. Just last month, Buffalo New York was hit with 6 feet of snow. People were trapped in their houses without power and there was just too much snow to plow. It was not pretty. Just a couple days ago, New York and Vermont were hit with a 1 ft of heavy wet snow and many are now left without power.

What’s important to remember and what people tend to forget is that your power can go out at anytime during the year. Dangerous weather exists around us all the time. Think about it, in the spring/summer its thunderstorms/tornadoes, in the fall it’s hurricanes and in the winter its snow.

Many of us aren’t proactive either but rather reactive. When we know a hurricane is coming, we flood the grocery store to buy 30 cases of water and 12 loaves of bread. When a huge snow storm is coming, we rush to the hardware store to buy all their road salt and every shovel in stock. We never think about the long term. What happens if we’re left without power for 2 weeks and we have no way to run electric heaters or hot water?

No flashlight, snow shovel or loaf of bread will turn your heat back on. This is something that only a generator can do. Having a generator is the best way to think long term. But you don’t just want any brand; you want a reliable product that will work when you need it to. That’s where Generac comes into play. Generac is a leader in home backup systems. They offer both portable and standby generator solutions to help protect your family and household.

Generac 5747 XG8000E

A great portable option from Generac is the Generac 5747 XG8000E. This generator is 8000 watts of power and has an electric start (yes, no pulling required). It allows you to run it for 10 hours at 50% load on full tank of gas. A 1-1/4” steel tub cradle is built around it for added durability and it also comes equipped with never flat wheels for mobility.

A great standby option from Generac is the Generac 6461. This generator is 16,000 watts of power and is an air cooled standby generator. It can be powered by either liquid propane (LP) or natural gas (NG). The best thing about this unit is it already includes a 100 amp 16 Circuit automatic transfer switch.

See our full list of portable Generac generators or our full list of Generac home standby generators and start thinking proactively.

Have a business? Generac has solutions for you as well. They have standby generators to accommodate all sorts of power requirements for your business. To see a full list, visit our Commercial Standby page.


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