BLOKKZ Is Reinventing The Clamping Block

There are always holdouts when “the next big thing” comes around. While having the latest iPhone is nice, your life probably won’t be significantly improved by the seemingly endless apps you now have access to. If you are a woodworker, you know better than anyone that the newest tools aren’t always the ones that work best, all the more reason to “hold out”. However, one company with a funny name is redefining the word “clamping block”, and holding out against it would be unwise.

Despite failing elementary school spelling class, the minds behind the BLOKKZ Universal Clamping Blocks are paving the way for a new kind of woodworking. Gone are the days when specialty clamps are the only way to carry out difficult joints. With the UCB5R20 on your side, you can use standard clamps to easily accomplish the following joints: miter, splice, wide angle, single miter, hold down, frame, rabbet, finger, single miter, and acute angles. With these BLOKKZ clamping blocks on your side, even scarf and finger joints won’t give you any grief.

This is where you are saying “what’s the catch” right? Well, the ripple effect can happen when you are using these clamping blocks. Fortunately, the solution is extremely simple; you can remove it from your work piece by steaming, or you can prevent it altogether by taping the included non-slip neoprene pads to the blocks. If your work area is overrun with specialty clamps that rarely do anything but gather dust, maybe it’s time to show them the door and introduce the UCB5R20 from BLOKKZ.

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