How to Tile Your Floor Using a Tile Saw

Tiles are both waterproof and durable. What better time to think about tackling a tile project then right now! The summer always means family and friends will be getting together. While you spend a lot of time outdoors, I’m sure you think about making your bathroom look presentable and enabling your mud room to handle the added traffic the backyard pool will add.

One of the most important first steps before you place even one tile on your floor is making sure you prepare the surface thoroughly and plan and design your work carefully. If you take the extra time to prepare, I guarantee you that the time spent will save you a whole lot of aggravation later on. I’m certainly guilty of rushing my tiling project and regretting it in the end.

When planning and laying out your tiling project always remember that the type and the actual size of the tile will affect your overall design and how you work. Obviously the larger the tile the less time it will take to install a room, but large tiles also have their pitfalls, especially if you are dealing with an uneven surface. Visualize your room and dry layout your design using a square, level and chalk line, insuring that your design will be straight.

Tile Floor Layout










When cutting your tile, we recommend using a wet-cutting electric tile saw. However, we do not recommend using one of those throw-away, under $100.00, big box store tile saws with an inexpensive blade.  What we do recommend is buying one of the Lackmond “The Beast” Tile Saws. Now many of you do-it-yourselfers probably have not heard of this company, but our Tile Contractors certainly have.  Lackmond only manufacturer’s products specific to this industry with products such as: Diamond saw blades, grinding wheels, drill bits, concrete saws and tile saws. Too often your tile project is impeded by faulty equipment and a bad diamond blade. When quality counts and you do not want to have to replace a tool a short time down the road, then the Lackmond “The beast” Wet tile saw and Wet Tile Circular Saw is the answer. The Lackmond WTS75L, at just under $200.00, is an awesome deal for a contractor-grade, portable tile saw.

Lackmond WTS750I Tile Saw


Tools Needed for this Project:

Plumb Bob

Chalk and Chalk Line

Rubber Mallet

Tape Measure

Knee Pads

Bucket, Sponge, Rubber Gloves



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