New Biesemeyer Rail and Tube


Will the New Delta 78-138B 36″ Biesemeyer Rail and Tube and the Delta 78-055B 52″ Biesemeyer Rail and Tube work on the older Delta saws.

Biesemeyer Rail and Tube


This rail kit will work on older saws. The two holes in the new and old tables are only different by a couple of thousandths and the user may not have to do any drilling. If drilling is required, it is a simple job. Although there are basic similarities, the New UniSaw and the Beisemeyer Fence system are completely redesigned. Differences include that front tube is now extruded and not steel, the table of the saw is bigger, so the Biesemeyer fence is longer. Because the table is longer the tableboard will not fit older shorter tables on old UniSaw or Contractor Saws.

If you would like to use this rail kit with an older saw the older Biesemeyer Universal table boards will work as long as you drill the mounting holes through the table board.

If you want to be assured of a proper fit for your older model UniSaw the Delta BC30 30″ and the Delta BC50 50″ Biesemeyer Commercial Fence systems are an excellent choice and will not require any special effort to work with your current saw.


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