More Q&A: This Time on Laminate

Q – “I recently had my kitchen remodeled, but I decided I want to build a serving cart using the leftover laminate from the job that the contractor gave to me. I know I have to cut down the laminate to size, but I am wondering what type of blade I need to use on my table saw? Can I use the same blade to cut laminate as I cut shingles when I do roofing jobs? – Nick, MN”

A – Hey Nick. Unfortunately, you are going to need a blade specifically made for laminate cutting, or else you will rip right through the laminate. Most laminate jobs need to have an extremely clean cut, especially since any imperfection in the edge will be noticeable once it is installed. For the best results when cutting laminate, an 80 tooth Triple-Chip Grind (TCG) blade is recommended. With this type of blade, if cut correctly, you can be sure that your laminate will come out smooth every time. Good luck!

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  1. The best way to cut laminate cleanly is withe a bearing flush cutting bit and a router, but i`f you are wrapping the edge with wood laminate your top flush cut with a router and clean the edges by running it to finished size with a 80 toothe blade on your tablesaw laminate side always facing up.


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