Bosch 18V Wireless Battery Charger: The Future of Jobsite Convenience


If you own a cordless power tool than you are very familiar with taking the battery off the tool when it dies and plugging it into the wall charger. It’s a requirement or it at least it WAS a requirement.

Bosch Power Tools has introduced a new technology that becomes an industry first and changes the way you charge your power tool battery. This technology allows you to keep your battery on your Bosch tool while it charges on the jobsite.

Bosch calls this their Power Ready Wireless Charging System.

Bosch introduces the Power Ready Wireless Charging System for Bosch 18V Power Tools

The Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charger creates an electromagnetic field that tops of or maxes out your batteries charge. Bosch designed this system to minimize the time wasted on jobsite from having to recharge a dead battery. Now you can simply place your drill/driver down on the charger and pick it up when you need it again. This will give you the ability to replenish it in between periods of use.

The reason that Bosch refers to this new wireless technology as a system is because they come out with accessories that allow you to customize the way you use your wireless charger. So far they’ve released a charging frame and mobile holster.

The charging frame is for a basic setup.  The charging frame will mount to any surface. Once it’s been mounted, you simply slide the wireless charger into it and plug into a wall.

Bosch DDS182-102 locks into the Mobile Holster

The mobile holster is pretty cool accessory. The mobile holster has a custom tool lock-in feature for Bosch 18V drill driver, hammer drill/driver and impact driver models including: DH182, IWBH182, DDS/HDS182, DDS/HDS182 and DDH/HDH18.

Mobile holster mounts to any shelf or sidewall vertically or horizontally for quick and convenient access. Have Sortimo shelving? This holster is compatible with easy tool-free mounting capabilities.

Interested in investing in wireless power tool battery technology?

We carry kits that include the new wireless charger as well as the individual wireless accessories. See a list of links below.

Tool Kits:

Bosch CLPK233WC-02 18V Wireless Charging Combo Kit

Bosch DDS182WC-102 18 V Brushless Drill Driver w/ Wireless Charger

Bosch WC18CHF-102DDS 18V Drill Driver Wireless Charging Kit

Bosch IDH182WC-102 1/2 In. Socket Ready 1/4 In. Hex Impact Driver Wireless Kit


Bosch WC18C 18V Wireless Charger

Bosch WC18F 18V Wireless Charger Frame

Bosch WC18H 18V Wireless Mobile Holster

Bosch WCBAT612 18V 2.0 Ah Wireless Charging Lithium-Ion SlimPack Battery

Bosch WC18CF 18V Wireless Charger and Frame

Bosch WC18CF-102 18V Wireless Charging Starter Kit with 2.0Ah Battery and Frame

Bosch WC18CH 18V Wireless Charger and Mobile Holster

Bosch WC18CHF-102 18V Wireless Charging Starter Kit with 2.0Ah Battery, Mobile Holster and Frame


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