Perfect Tool to Remove Snow From Your Car

Take it from every Tools Plus Employee…you have to own a SnoBrum! We have been offering this cool tool for years and we have not received any complaints. If you live where it snows, this Snow pushing, non-scratching, portable, light weight snow removal tool is indispensable. Local car dealers love them and swear by them. The Sno Brum has a molded foam head that is tested to meet the harshest winter weather conditions. There is also the added benefit of an extended telescopic handle, capable of adjusting between 27″ to 48″ long.


Original Sno BruM
Original Sno BruM

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  1. I have seen alot, but this SnoBrum looks like it will do the trick. I’m always afraid of scuffing my paint with a regular scraper (new car) so have to give this a try. Way to go as seen on TV. Will not scratch or scuff

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