Milwaukee Metal Cutting Saw: Faster, Cooler and Cleaner

Milwaukee’s 6370-21 continues to out-sell and out perform many other Metal Cutting Circular Saws. This saw packs a powerful 13 amps (1-3/4 max HP), 3,700 RPM motor. Milwaukee has always produced the highest quality, durable heavy-duty tools and what makes this Metal Cutting Saw so special is the fact that it delivers a faster, cooler and cleaner metal cut.  The Milwaukee 6370-21  has been specifically designed to be practically free of sparks.  Cool cut waste, in the form of metal shavings, is effectively contained with a durable magnesium blade shield and channeled into the saw’s integral Chip Tank. This metal cutting saw allows you to pick up your work piece immediately after cutting, as it is cool to the touch. This saw comes with a Milwaukee 48-40-4515 8″ x 42 tooth circular saw blade which is cement tipped for longer life. This blade is razor sharp and will tear through ferrous and non-ferrous metals without hesitation. 

Milwaukee 6370-21 Metal Cutting Saw

Milwaukee 6370 is intended to cut unhardened ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal up to a maximum thickness of 3/4″.  Also, make sure you do not cut any stacked materials; cut one piece at a time. When cutting thin or corrugated materials, cut at least 1″ from the edge of the work piece to avoid injury or damage to the tool caused by thin strips of metal being pulled into the upper guard.  The Milwaukee saw can also cut large sheets, however, make sure they are properly supported or they will sag or bend. This metal cutting circular saw will provide you many years of metal cutting projects and offers Milwaukee’s 5 year limited warranty.

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